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Horticulture Rocks! Help With Your Tax Credit Do$$ars!

If you haven’t filed your taxes yet and still have tax credit money that can be donated, please consider supporting the FALA Horticulture Program. This program is fairly new and being run by Ms. Vrendi Will. Through this program students are planning, designing, and maintaining FALA campus landscaping. They are learning about native plants, invasive species, and creating habitat on campus. Some of the work that they are completing is already helping to improve the FALA image. Campus is pretty big and the right equipment makes the job a lot easier. The kids could use funding to help get the equipment that they need to make it look nice.  

This year the tax credit rules for public schools, including FALA, have changed. We no longer need to have our credit money donated by December 31st. They have extended to date to April 15th for the 2016 tax year. Instead of “floating” the money for three and a half months you can now get it right back as soon as you file your taxes!

According to azdor.gov, the maximum credit amount that may be taken for tax year 2016 is $200 for single, unmarried head of household and married filing separate filers and $400 for married filing joint filers.

How It Works: The state of Arizona offers its taxpayers the opportunity to make contributions to public schools that reduce the amount of tax owed to the state or increase the amount of the taxpayer’s refund, dollar-for-dollar. There is NO NET COST to the donor, and FALA can benefit. You must have a tax liability for at least the amount of your donation in order to take a tax credit. In other words, if you only owe $500 to the state of Arizona, you cannot receive $1,000 in tax credits.  (azcredits.org). To make a donation click here to get to the tax donation page of the FALA website. Make sure that you designate that you want to make the contribution in the 2016 tax year to get the money right back.

Now it’s your chance to help. Support the FALA Horticulture Program with a tax credit donation!

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