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I was at a FALA Counsel meeting today and found out that there are some FALA students who are regularly creating online videos about the school.  They call it “The Llama Show”.  It is totally awesome…  You HAVE TO WATCH them.  We will be working on embedding it into our website, but didn’t want to wait to give you their first two episodes while we are working on the techie stuff.  ~ Joe Bodin (Volunteer President)

The Llama Show, Episode 1 (Published August 14, 2016)

I want to point out that they did a whole segment on the FALA Wi-Fi.

I’m happy to announce that the school Wi-Fi is now Rocking with the help of the FALA Volunteer Corps…!!!

The Llama Show, Episode 2 (published on August 28, 2016)



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