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October Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Fall is in full swing and that means we’re getting ready for a festive and busy time of year!  Our October meeting was very productive and we will be calling on YOU to help with various events happening at FALA.  Read on to see what we discussed and we’ll see you at our next meeting!


Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

FALA Volunteer Corps: Help the School, Create a Fun Community, and Be Involved With Our Kids!

Date/Time: Tuesday, October 23, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

Location: Flagstaff Library East, 3000 N. 4th Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Attendees: Susan Fox, Joe & Debbie Bodin, Stephanie Kohnen, Eli Cohen, Josh Colvin, Tim Mahannah

Agenda Items:

  • Business Agenda
    • Elections – Members Still Needed.  How can we drum up some interest?
    • President
    • Vice-President
    • Consider removing titles from the job description.
  • Treasurer Report (Stasia Floley)
    • Currently have:$803.44
    • Council has approved payment for website fees: $124.86
  • Executive Director Report (Eli Cohen)
    • Interview about FALA to air on Saturday.
    • Middle school mental health- parents have already reached out to see how they can help.  Elena to touch base with Eli about notMYkid.
    • Strategic Plan meetings are now every 2 weeks.
    • Eli to look into opening up a bank account for the Volunteer Corps.

Team Report:

  • Appreciation Team Report (Stephanie Kohnen & Shauntel Fitch)
    • 10/26 Teacher In-Service Professional Development.  Theme is Fiesta Lunch!
    • Holiday Gift fundraising- Start collecting funds for Harkin’s GC and other items.
    • Joe to set up PayPal button on Volunteer Corp website for the Holiday Gift fundraiser.
  • Communications Team (Joe Bodin)
    • Email Address Changes:
      1. volunteers@flagarts.com – This currently goes to Susan and Joe.  It is intended to replace both the parents@falavolunteers.com and the falavolunteercorps@gmail.com addresses.  It will be used for all future eNewsletters/Emailers and all general communication.
      2. volunteers_advisory@flagarts.com – This one is for US – our Advisory Council.  It is set up to go to the six of us (Susan, Stephanie, Stasia, Elena, Debbie, and Joe).  I used it for this email so you could quickly add it to your address book instead of having to put each of us in from now on.
      3. volunteer_appreciation@flagarts.com – This one is for the Appreciation Team and goes to Stephanie and Shauntel.
      4. volunteers_communication@flagarts.com – This one just goes to me right now, but will be for the Communications Team as I expand the team.
    • FALA Google Team Drive – Eli and Joe are still working creating a new Team Drive on the school’s Google Account.  Joe will move all of our files over once it is created. UPDATE: This has been established and Joe will let us know when the files are moved over.
  • Thank You Genie Team – Joe would like to create and run this new program where we “thank” people around campus for positive things that they have done.  Discussion about new team idea.
    • Propose purchase of small Thank You gifts and preprinted cards (Susan Fox)
    • Item now falls under Appreciation.
    • To be put in newsletter every week.
  • Beautification Team Report (Debbie Bodin)
    • Planting Day (Oct 6th)- planted over 40 plants on campus and mulched for the winter- Christi, Jason, and Phil were great!
    • Make A Difference Day- deferred until spring (busy with Teacher Lunch and Chili Cook Off)
    • Waiting for Master Gardener Grant Application to come out- usually due Jan/Feb- Wash renovation project- will get going in Spring.  Phil and Deb will keep us posted on this.
  • Events Team Report (Susan Fox)
    • FALA Gala Extravaganza – pending communication from Heather. [Then meet with Heather, Eli, Elena, Stasia, and Joe to discuss / plan our major fundraiser this year.]
    • Event Ideas:
      • November Chili Cook-Off Family Get Together was set for Saturday November 3rd, but needs to be pushed out to January or February.
      • April Recycled Material Fashion Show – Meet with Mr. Kuluris/Environmental Coalition & maybe coordinate something.
      • Astronomy Night & Space Themed Costume Contest – Talk to Mr. Kruger about coordinating something.
      • FUTURE Community Fundraiser “Garlic Festival”
      • Implement a “checklist” for Sign Up Genius (contact info, photographer, volunteer credit process, etc.)
  • Fundraising Team Report (Susan Fox)
    • Schedule a Wildflower Night – 25% minimum earnings! Saturdays are open in December or wait until January.  Will attempt to line up a fundraiser night with any rehearsals happening.
    • Stasia to check in with Carmel’s about another dine & dash.
  • Upcoming:
    • Winter Escapade Dec 14-15 (Debbie Bodin)- will coordinate with dance teachers and put out SignUp when appropriate
    • Band Concert November 30th & December 11th (World Music Nov 30?)
    • Theater Events?


  • Winter Escapades Dance (Deb): Susan suggested that parents who have children performing in the recital should not have to work the event.
  • Music and Theater Performances: Do teachers need help? Susan will ask Mr. Walden & Mr. Remeau about Theatre. UPDATE: Susan gave Mr. Remeau contact info and informed him that we are here to help.
  • Elena can ask Betsy Hamill about FALUNK/Band.
  • STUCO: Susan has been working with STUCO for their events.  Would like to train students to use SignUp Genius (item 5c).


Meeting ends at: 7PM

*Next meeting will be Tuesday, November 27th. 6pm – 7pm @ Library East.

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