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Open House | A HUGE Success

open-houseLast night was the school Open House.  It was an awesome success!  Everything went very smoothly and I only had very good feedback from all of the parents attending.  I, as a parent, decided to not volunteer so I could go around to my daughter’s classes.  And, I found everything to be extremely well organized, the Teachers where right on and energetic (as always), and the Volunteer Corp was well represented.

I’d like to start by thanking Deidre Crawley (our Dean) and Larry Wallen (our Acting Director).  They organized the event and were the big reason everything went so smoothly.  I especially liked that Deidre was greeting everyone as they came in with a big SMILE and handing out very informative flyers about what is coming up at the school.  A great way to welcome everyone!

I’d also like to throw out a HUGE SHOUT-OUT to our Volunteers who were their telling people about our activities and helping everyone as they came in…  We asked two “non-parent” volunteers to help out so that the parents (like myself) could spend the time with their Kids meeting the Teachers.

Bonnie Dumdei – She has been one of the Volunteer Corps greatest supporters.  As a past-parent of a FALA student, she is truly one of the best Community Volunteers I’ve ever seen.  She will be our Music Rep which works great because she runs the Flagstaff School of Music.  She is also part of our Communications Team and handles all of our Email Newsletters.  Bonnie was there last night with a straw hat on her head and a big smile on her face.

Laurah Hagan – She is actually the Secretary of the Board of Directors for FALA.  As an Alumni, she has offered to help and help and help.  She has joined our Appreciation Committee and continues to want to be a part of all of the school events and activities.  She is an inspiration to all of the other Alumni that we hope to pull back into the school to volunteer and be a part of our school.  Way to go Laurah – you are great!

[ I wish I had remembered to take a picture of them…  If anyone did, please get it to me!]

I hope that all of the school events are as great as the Open House last night…!


Joe Bodin
President of the FALA Volunteer Corps

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