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Our Mailbox | A Communication Resource

We now have a mailbox in the office at FALA!

Sara, our awesome office goddess, has given us a box in the front office so that we can use it for all of our communication.  We were finding that getting things to each other was difficult, and having this box has solved a lot of the issues.  It is a great place to leave things for other Volunteer Members/Teams.

The box is located in the front office break room (see map).  

Here are some rules:

  1. Make sure whatever you are putting into it actually fits the box comfortably (don’t stuff it please).
  2. Make sure that when you go to drop something off that you stay OUT OF THE WAY of all the craziness in the office. It is a busy place.
  3. If Sara is not busy, then please smile at her and quietly tell her what you are doing.  If Sara is busy, then go back there quietly and quickly.
  4. Make sure to label whatever you are leaving with a Name/Purpose so that others know what it is.

This mailbox is a privilege, so please be respectful of its use.

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