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September Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

FALA Volunteer Corps: Help the School, Create a Fun Community, and Be Involved With Our Kids!


Date/Time: Thursday, September 20, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

Location: Flagstaff Library East, 3000 N. 4th Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Attendees: Joe & Debbie Bodin, Stasia Begley, Ian Begley (student), Eli Cohen, Jeremy & Cori Morse, Susan Fox, Stephanie Kohnen, Joshua Colvin, Elena Russell, Tim Mahannah

New Business:

Elections- New members elected

  • President- Revisit @ next meeting
  • Vice-President- Revisit @ next meeting
  • Secretary- Elena Russell
  • Treasurer- Stasia Begley

Treasurer Report

  • Currently have $803.44
  • Spending for reimbursement: Anything over $50 must be approved by board, under $50 can be approved by our Treasurer (Stasia).  Reviewed by attendees and any questions were answered.
  • Existing $$ came from corporate sponsorships and fundraisers
  • Council to reach out to teachers 2018-2019 SY for any specific fundraising needs

Team Reports:

Appreciation Team Report (Stephanie Kohnen)

  • Shauntel Fitch will be able to co-chair this position with Stephanie
  • 9/28 Staff Professional Development
  • 10/26 Teacher In-Service Professional Development (SignUp goes live 10/10)
  • December date eliminated  (Nov. 9 instead but no students on campus)
  • Appreciation Gift – Help solicited
  • Would like to start setting funds aside for end of year/staff appreciation gifts

Communications Team (Joe)

  • Email Addresses for Volunteer Corps
    1. Website/Emailer – currently parents@falavolunteers.com (website must use falavolunteers.com in it)
    2. President/Event – been using falavolunteercorps@gmail.com
    3. Appreciation – started using FALAappreciation@gmail.com
  • Calendar Planning – Put all Volunteer activities on a Google Calendar “including” scheduling in the Signup Genius and eNewsletter announcements.
  • Creating a Communications Team: Website Content, Weekly Emailers, Facebook, Photographers, …
  • Decision to streamline all email addresses with the domain @flagarts.com in order to provide consistency across the board (volunteers and staff/admin)

Beautification Team Report (Debbie)

  • Planting event scheduled on Sat, October 6th.  Will be planting donated native plants (Christi, Warners, etc.) and placing weed blankets/mulch around trees that had suckers removed.
  • Weed event Sept 8th – coordinated by Phil Hagen and Jason Crawley- had over 20 volunteers help pull invasive weed species on campus and botanist, Christi Sorrell, also has arranged to give a presentation to Ms. Neta’s outdoor exploration class on the importance of removing invasive weeds.
  • Phil Hagen would like to keep campus beautification as an ongoing event, about every 6 weeks
  • Make a Difference Day is October 27th – maybe not do Campus beautification on that date but either make a statement (like the chairs last year), and/or tie in a social event with community service.

Events Team Report – Susan

  • Ideas: Any new ideas are welcome!  Brainstorm during October Meeting.
    1. November Chili Cook-Off Family Get Together (possible fundraiser)
    2. April Recycled Material Fashion Show
    3. Astronomy Night & Space Themed Costume Contest
    4. Consider making any of these events as a fundraiser

Fundraising Team Report – Susan

  • Schedule a Wildflower Night – 25% minimum earnings!
  • Stasia to check in with Carmel’s about another dine & dash

Upcoming Events:

  • 9/29 Dance- led by Student Council
  • 10/3-5 Senior Retreat
  • 10/15 FALA Board Meeting November 19th @ 5pm, Advisory council would like to have a member attend these meetings on a consistent basis. Doesn’t have to be the same person.
  • FALA Gala


  • Assign a photographer to all Sign Up Genius events.
  • Tracking Volunteer Hours – Revisit during the October meeting
    For Students (Per Gessica Neilson) Fill out form in office even when signed up on Sign Up Genius. Advisory Council member signs them once they are done with the work, then students would give the forms to us and we would take care of it.
    For Parents/Family (Per Dean Deidre Crawley) The parent tracking of hours or contributions has not been formalized, but needed especially if student and parent volunteer for same event as student gets 1.5X hours credit.
    Volunteer Needed to help set this up and we would use Sign Up Genius as a way to track who is participating in volunteering on campus.
  • Winter Escapades Dance (Deb): Susan suggested that parents who have children performing in the recital should not have to work the event.
  • Music and Theater Performances – let them know that we can support them if needed/wanted

Meeting ends at: 7:15PM

*Next meeting will be on Tuesday, October 9 @ 6PM.  Meeting place TBA.

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