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Teach a Workshop | Classroom Connection Brief

Janeece-Henes-02Do you have a skill that you could teach to the kids at our school?  

Janeece Henes is organizing a series of workshops during Advisory Class and she is seeking parents to come in to teach life skills to the students.

No workshop idea is too corny, we are CREATIVE people…what do you think our students need to learn outside what we do in our courses at FALA? (ie; sewing, changing a car or bike tire, healthy meals without a stove, reading a map, gardening, how to write a resume/a love letter, budget/finance, CPR, etc…)

Time Limit: 35-40 minutes. Advisory meets 11:05-11:45 every Friday

Flyer: Word Docx or PDF File

Video Example: https://twitter.com/attn/status/747476104298954752

Requested Deadline: Please volunteer by Tuesday, August 23rd if possible.

Contact: Janeece Henes at jhenes@flagarts.com

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