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The Painting Gods | Volunteers in Action

Picnic-Painting-03We’d like to do a “shout-out” to three volunteers who came on down to the school this past weekend and began painting the benches and picnic tables.

It all started with Tom Olsen who stripped and sanded them all about a week ago.  Then, he came down on Saturday and began painting them.  He was then joined by Tim Sweet and Richard Ransom (our School Beautification Foreman).  They aren’t completely done with all of them, but did a great job getting started and plan to finish over the next week or so.

If you see these guys on campus working,
give ’em a big hug!

Our School Beautification Committee has lots of plans to do cleanups, build stuff, and make our campus look great.  We’d like to encourage everyone to watch for our upcoming Beautification Days and consider joining this committee.  Show your school spirit just like “The Painting Gods” who have already started doing great things on our school grounds.

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