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The Toasted Owl | Corporate Sponsor

We’d like to welcome the “Toasted Owl” into the FALA Community…!

toasted-owlIt’s not often that you run into a small business that wants to be a part of their community so much.  If you are looking for a Restaurant that not only serves great food but is also super-community minded, then jump on over to The Toasted Owl.  

I had the pleasure of meeting their owner, Cecily Maniaci, this past month.  I went to the Toasted Owl to go to a FIBA (Flagstaff Independent Business Alliance) meeting that was hosted there.  I had actually never been there before and instantly felt that it was a true Flagstaff local place.  It was so welcoming…  The place has that feel of Flagstaff including mismatched tables, local artwork on the walls, and unique antiques for sale.  It just has that feel of south downtown.

After talking with Cecily about what she does, I instantly found someone who wanted to be involved with FALA.  She immediately offered to allow us to have special Mixers and Meetings in her location and so I scheduled our January “Family Game Night” at her location.  She then said she’d love to work with the FALA art classes to fill her walls (so I hooked her up with Janeece Henes).  And, then she said she would be happy to become a Corporate Sponsor of our Volunteer Corps.  I have to say that she is AWESOME…!

The Toasted Owl is located at 12 Mikes Pike Blvd (right across from the NAIPTA bus transfer station).  They have a neat outdoor area that I look forward to enjoying next summer.  The restaurant primarily services Breakfast and Lunch specializing in home-cooked meals, a full service beverage bar, and lots of unique menu items for everyone (including vegetarians).  

Go to www.TheToastedOwl.com for more info.  Please show them your love and support!

Thank You!

Joe Bodin
Volunteer Corps President


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