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Two Important School Meetings

Please consider attending these two important meetings that happen “every month” at our school.  These will help you be “in the know” about what is happening on our campus and make it so you have some say into how things function.  Being involved in our kids lives is very important and coming to these meetings will make this easier and better for our school.

Board of Directors Meeting

Next Meeting
Wednesday, September 21st
at 4 pm in Room 4

The School Board of Directors meets every month to decide on how the school is running and make BIG decisions on every aspect of how the school runs. This is the Governing Board. They are officially in charge of our school and thus make all of the choices that effect our kids education. Attending will give you insights into how the school works as well as being able to have some input into core issues. There is a public comment section towards the end of the meeting.

FALA Council Meeting

Next Meeting
Wednesday, September 26th
at 3:30 pm in Room 8

This meeting is comprised of Students, Staff/Admins, Teachers, and Parents. Our awesome Dean (Deidre Crawley) is gathering up a group of inspired people to brainstorm and solve problems at our school. This is not an official group that has any specific power beyond helping Deidre focus the school in a positive direction. If you want to feel energized, inspired, and have input into what’s happening on campus, then this is the meeting to attend.

Be Inspired, Be Involved…!


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