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Volunteer Corp Advisory Council Minutes 2/7/17

Meeting started at 6:30

Joe Bodin, Debbie Bodin, Scott Boynton, Joselyn Fenley, Bonnie Dumdie, Abigail Gripman in attendance
Old Business:
1.New members Bonnie Dumdie and Abigail Gripman were welcomed to the council.
2.Would like 8 – 10 regular members. Suggestions for names of people who might be interested
3. Advisory Council Meeting will be held the 1st Tuesday of each month.
4. General Volunteer Corp meetings – all parents are invited and will be held
Thursday Feb 16th @ 6:30 FSM
Wednesday April 12th @ 6:30 FSM
5. Advisory Council Communications Agreement – Discussed responding consistently to communication. Joe moved that all contact emails, etc be answered within a timely manner. Bonnie second. All voted in favor. Communication is vital.
Bonnie will take minutes when Joselyn cannot attend.
6. April Elections – Do it on April 12th at General Volunteer Corp meeting. Will announce at Feb meeting. Unanimous vote in favor for these dates. Abigail will put together job descriptions for each role.
7. Dean Crawley would like a recommendation from the Council for a requirement of Volunteer hours for incoming 7th graders. Discussion was to recommend implementation for new incoming 7th graders – 10 hours or $150 per family.
Financial Report/Treasurer Report:
Donations/Sponsorships: $700
Spent: $221.65
Earned: $480.10
Transaction Fees: $2.58
TOTAL: $955.87
Debbie moved to accept report. Second by Joselyn. Unanimous vote to accept.

Financial Policies
Discussed Policies for handling money for the Volunteer Corp. Details are on the website.

Process for spending funds – Joe moved to give Treasurer ability to approve money requests up to $50. Scott second. All voted in favor for motion.

Financial and Legal Status
Currently completely under the school finances. Another option is to stay within school finances but have a separate account. Eventually will move to becoming an Association/Booster organization with a separate bank account

  1. Teams and Programs
    1. Team Building – Team leader should not work on their own. It is important to build a team and use it to complete tasks.
    2. Alumni Team – Laura Hagan
    a. YouTube Channel has all old Winter Escapades vidoes.
    b. Facebook Page
    c. Website Section for Alum Bios
    3. Appreciation Team –
    a. Monthly teacher appreciation
    b. Large end of school for teachers maybe
    4. Communication Team
    a. New Writing Team – Meeting Wednesday, Feb 8th
    b. Need a graphics person
    c. Need a photography person
    5. Beautification Team
    a. Writing a grant for a Recycle/Garbage Bins
    from the city
    b. Earth Day Beautification day will be held Saturday April 22
    6. Tech/IT Team
    a. Google School in progress.
    b. Chromebook transition. Need Beta Testers
    7. Area Representatives
    a. Canceled Middle School and High School Reps
    b. Music Program – Random artists in at lunch around campus
    8. Events/Social Team
    a. March “Social Mixer” no details yet
    b. May “FALA Relaxes/Massage Event” – a Sunday in May at FSM and White Dove
    c. Maybe a Dance night

School Event Involvement
1. FALA Birthday Party – no planned involvement
2. Spring Showcase – Dance and Music we will provide help
3. Cabaret – Maybe concessions and donations table
4. Graduation – no planned involvement
5. Registration Days – In August, start planning and organizing soon

Put out information about Tax Credits for 2016.
Murder Mystery Fund Raiser was discussed by Scott. 

Meeting Adjourned 7:55pm

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