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Year in Review | 2018-19 School Year

The 2018-19 school year was a whirlwind of activity – as is always the case at FALA.  The “Volunteer Corps” accomplished a ton of things throughout the year in our efforts to support the school and be the voice for our parents.  At the end of the year, we decided to go through and summarize some of what we did.  It always amazes us to see it all compiled together.  We did a lot…!!!!

Below is our “Year in Review” showing some of what we accomplished.  We’d like to encourage all of our parents to join us in the upcoming year as the Volunteer Corps begins planning our activity for the next school year.  Come join us!


Event Team | In-School Events

Team Captains: Debbie Bodin (Fall) & Tim Mahannah (Spring)

The “Event Team” was very active during the end of both semesters helping provide volunteers for many of the student performances. During December 2018 we provided volunteers to collect donations/tickets for the Winter Music Concert and the Winter Dance Escapades performances. We also provided/staffed a bake sale at the Winter Music Concert, and staffed the dance sales table & provided/staffed the rose sales table at the Winter Escapades performance. At the end of April 2019 and during the first half of May 2019, we provided volunteers to collect donations/tickets for the Intro to Musical Theater performance of The Return of Halley’s Comment; the Spring Dance Concert; the Intro to Theater performances of Three Tables, The Lottery & Cyrano de Bergerac; the Advance Theater performance of The Good Doctor; the Spring Music Concert; and the Advance Musical Theater performance of Amélie. For the first time, we also provided beverages/snacks for the dress rehearsal for the Spring Dance Concert, and the Saturday performances of the Spring Dance Concert (a matinee performance was added for that day due to both Winter Escapades performances being sold out). The performers greatly appreciated all the refreshments that the volunteers provided. We also staffed the dance sales table & provided/staffed the rose sales table at the Spring Dance Concert performance. It was another great year of student performances and we greatly appreciate all those who volunteered to help during all of these performances.


Beautification Team

Team Captains: Debbie Bodin & Phil Hagan

The “Campus Beautification Team” had a successful year by holding (a record) four events including invasive weed removal, Make a Difference Day planting, Earth Day wash rejuvenation, and a summer event in June for further work on the FALA central wash. We applied for and were awarded the Master Gardener Association grant to assist with financing our efforts. We have appreciated botanist Christi Sorrell’s expertise during all of our events and have learned quite a bit about identifying and removing invasive weeds. She has been great about sharing her knowledge with our volunteers. We also had help from Ms. Neda’s outdoor exploration class.


Project LIT Book Club

Team Captain: Elena Russell

My name is Elena Russell and I am the secretary for FALA’s Volunteer Corp and the Team Captain for the “Project LIT Book Club”. Being a part of the Volunteer Corp has been a great experience, especially as a first-year family at FALA. One of the best things about being a volunteer at FALA is having the opportunity to bring new experiences to the school. This year I am proud to have started the very first Project LIT Community chapters in Northern Arizona with the middle school students at FALA! Project LIT is a nationwide grassroots literacy program that brings high-quality, relevant, and culturally diverse books to students where book deserts exist. Typically offered as an elective for middle and high school students, I had the opportunity to bring it to FALA as an after-school book club for the spring semester. We began with two students in January and by May, we grew to ten! Reading one book a month, we spent our meetings reading together, discussing current events and topics related to the books we were reading, and our students successfully organized a book drive as a community service project. I am so proud to have had this opportunity and look forward to continuing our little club into the 2019-2020 school year!

Project LIT Book Club @ FALA!

  • The first Project LIT chapter in Northern AZ (one of seven chapters in AZ)
  • A group of 10 middle schoolers met every Thursday after school to read and discuss current and culturally diverse middle grade books
  • Read one book a month, for a total of five books between January to May
  • Community Service Project: over 30 books collected during 4-day book drive and donated to the Paul Sweitzer Children’s Reading Room
  • Participated in the 2019-2020 Project LIT Book List reveal celebration with other Project LIT communities nationwide


Appreciation Team

Team Captains: Stephanie Kohnen (Fall) & Shauntel Fitch (Spring)

The “Appreciation Team” continued to show our overwhelming support for our Teachers, Staff, and Administration.  With the help of all of our Parents, they provided regular Faculty Lunches during the Teacher Meetings.  This included our “Build Your Own Hero” and “Mexican Fiesta” lunches, as well as a “Holiday Food” table with fruits, nuts, truffles, and more…  We also continued our tradition of providing a “Holiday Appreciation Gift” to all of our faculty and staff which included Harkins Gift Cards, Gift Bags with Treats, and more – all of which was donated by YOU, the FALA Family.  We also purchased flowers for Deidre to say “Thank You” for all of her hard work at our school.  The Appreciation Team is looking forward to continuing our goals in the upcoming year of making sure our Teachers and Staff know how much we love them and appreciate what they do for our kids.


Communications Team

Team Captain: Joe Bodin

The “Communications Team” continued to get the word out about all of our activities throughout the school year.  We worked hard to send out our Weekly Emailer that is geared towards providing information pertinent to the parents and families at FALA.  Our website ( https://www.falavolunteers.com ) is full of great information about school activities, meeting minutes and agendas, and has been a great resource for our families to rely on.  We continued to post to Facebook and “share” as much as possible of the school announcements.  We also continued to facilitate the use of Signup Genius to help everyone know what they could do to volunteer for all of the great Events, Appreciation Lunches, and more.  We also were fundamental in helping the school with the Tax Credit Campaign, helped facilitate “Rehearsal Schedules” to help parents know when their kids needed to be at rehearsals and performances, and have done our best to be the “voice” of the Volunteers and Parents.


Our Volunteer Planning Committee

Our “Volunteer Planning Committee” has met at least once or twice a month during the entire school year, and has continued to meet during the summer.  We are the core group of people that PLAN all of the activities and do our best to advise the Administration on the needs of our parents and students.  This committee is the heart of what we do as the Volunteer Corps.  


We’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone
who volunteered and supported us this past year!


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