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Here are some of the programs that we have been running at the school.  We are always continuing to work on ideas to better help the school.  If you wish to help with any of these existing programs or have ideas for other ones, please contact us.  We’d love for you to become involved.

Active Programs

Events & Activities Support: We want to encourage the parent volunteers to become involved with all of the events and activities that are always happening at FALA.  We also plan to put together a number of events specifically sponsored by the Volunteer Corp as fundraisers to allow us to provide extra services and also raise community awareness.  Come join us as we are involved and create events at school.  Continue >>>

Carpool Program: This program is up and running including an online message board to help parents figure out their carpool needs.  If you are in need of a carpool or have spots in your carpool, please check out this program and add your name to the list.  Continue >>>

School Beautification Days:  Caring about our campus is one of the best ways that we can show our school pride. It is so important for the school grounds to look nice for everyone.  It fosters a positive learning environment and brings out the best in our students. We will be working to schedule regular cleanup days and be encouraging the FALA families to come on down and help make our school look great.  Continue >>>

Communications Team: Making sure that all of the information gets out there about the school and success of our programs is probably one of the most important things we can do. If the parents know what is happening, then they can become involved and also make positive decisions for their kids. This team is all about keeping our Website up-to-date, making Facebook announcements, sending Mass Emailers,… Continue >>>

Appreciation Program:  A little bit of recognition goes a long way to breathing a positive atmosphere into our school…  Sometimes, simply saying “Thank You” to someone (or a group of people) who go above and beyond the call of duty, can make all the difference in the world.  The job of this committee is to spread goodwill around our school.  Continue >>>

In the School Support: The school always needs help with projects from doing clerical work to helping students in the classroom.  Our goal is to help organize with the school to make sure that you have tasks when you get there so your time isn’t wasted and that you feel like you are really making a difference.  If you have a block of time each week that you can help at the school, please consider becoming a school helper.  Continue >>>

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