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We love the FALA Alumni

Team Captain: Bonnie Dumdei

We are looking for 2 to 3 Alumni and 2 to 3 Students to be on this Team!

You attended (or taught at) Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy and wonder how to continue loving and supporting this awesome school now that you are gone… Well, YOU are invited to get back to FALA! (No, you don’t have to go back to school to show your commitment.) Even those of you whom do not live in our beautiful mountain area any longer can give your support virtually.  Social media makes it easy to show your support!  Make sure to follow, comment, and share our events.  We are looking for pictures to add to our gallery.  Share them on our Friends of FALA group page in Facebook.

Join our ALUMNI TEAM to keep the FALA fun alive and well! We have a few already interested, and now it’s time to put these plans and people into action! Please contact us to join this important team to keep the “FALAlove” flowing for years to come.  We want the Alumni to be a part of the Volunteer Corps.  FALA Alumni love the school and we want them to always know they have a home with us.  We are currently formulating this TEAM and if you are an Alumni that want to help, please contact us.

Let’s plan a reunion! Who wants in?!

Alumni Announcements

Alumni Facebook Group

Alumni Facebook Group

One of the first things the Alumni Team wanted to get going was to have lots and lots and lots of pictures from FALA posted somewhere.  Be our FRIEND in the Facebook Group!  We are actively pulling together pictures from years and years of archives. Enjoy pictures from performances from years ago!  Check out the… Continue >>>