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Carpool Program

Team Captain: Debbie Bodin

This is a message board for Parents and Families to setup carpools.  If you need a carpool or have openings in your carpool, please contact us or simply fill out the form on this page.  We’d be happy to post your information on our carpool list to make it easier for our kids to get to and home from school.

Carpool List

This list will be updated again in August/September of 2020 for the next school year!


This list is maintained by our volunteers and will open automatically in Google Docs.  It has the Names, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, and General Location information from those also seeking carpools.  We’d be happy to add you to the list if you need a carpool.  Just fill out the form on this page.

Please Note:  At the end of each year, we will ERASE this Carpool list and start over so that the names on it are fresh and active.

Carpool Etiquette

  1. Nothing ruins a carpool faster than chronically late riders or drivers. Agree up front how long a driver will wait for a rider and agree how many times that your riders can be late to school before a driver will be dropped from the carpool.
  2. Communication is key to making schedules run smoothly. Texting or Facebook groups are a great way to be able to post a schedule, switch driving days, or communicate about a sick rider. Discuss possibilities for late schedule snow days in advance. The more you all communicate, the more successful your carpool will be.
  3. Establish the carpool scheduling rules up front: how the driving rotation works with school holidays, how to handle a schedule conflict, trading driving days, and how to handle last minute adjustments (sick riders or drivers).  Clear rules will take the hassle and irritation out of the picture.

Mountain Line

We encourage the use of public transportation…
Mountain Line is AWESOME…!!!!

A majority of students ride on the Flagstaff city bus to access the FALA campus.  This helps to decrease traffic on Fort Valley road and avoids those pesky tardies on busy Snowbowl days in the winter.  Mountain Line has been a great FALA partner by adding an extra FALA student bus both before and after school.  Please take advantage of their generosity!

Current Cost
Student Pass (Semester): $49.00
Student Pass (Annual): $119.00
Cash Fare (one-way): $.60
Day Pass (unlimited rides/transfers): $1.25

Click Here to View their Website


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