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There is always something fun happening at FALA.

Team Captain: Tim Mahannah

One of the things everyone likes about FALA is that there is always something happening at the school. The energy that comes out of the place is invasive and excites everyone to do bigger and better things.  It energizes our students to think big, to be creative, and to picture themselves in a much bigger world.

The best way for parents and families to be involved with the school is to be a part of all of these activities.  If you volunteer at an event, you will see what is happening at the school.  You will see what your kids and everyone’s kids are up to.  You will meet other parents who also believe in being a part of the lives of their kids.  You will find yourself being a bigger part of our community.  It is the very best way to be involved!

The FALA Volunteer Corps intends to help organize these events for the school and be a part of the ones established at the school.  We will be a resource for the Administration and Teachers to call on when they need help.  We will be a resource to create new events to energize the school, raise awareness for key issues, and also help raise funds for special projects.  It is our goal to be there bringing “family” to the school!

Events News Highlights

Advance Musical Theatre Performances of Snapshots   Volunteers Needed

Advance Musical Theatre Performances of Snapshots Volunteers Needed

The Advance Musical Theatre Performances are on December 6th and 7th…!!! Please help us support our Advance Musical Theatre teachers and students as they provide us with a wonderful performance! We are looking for volunteers to help with the event to keep things running smoothly and help raise money for the FALA Muscial Theatre programs… Continue >>>

Year in Review | 2018-19 School Year

Year in Review | 2018-19 School Year

The 2018-19 school year was a whirlwind of activity – as is always the case at FALA.  The “Volunteer Corps” accomplished a ton of things throughout the year in our efforts to support the school and be the voice for our parents.  At the end of the year, we decided to go through and summarize… Continue >>>

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