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Come down to the school and help out!

Jed Hayes, Dean
(928) 779-7223 (school) or jhayes@flagarts.com

Having parents come down to campus and volunteer serves many functions that are invaluable to the success of our school. Not only can the Administration and Teachers use our help, but it also involves us in the day to day functions that are happening on campus.  We as parents get great comfort, enjoyment, and satisfaction from being a part of our kids’ lives.  This form of volunteering is the most direct way that we can see what is happening on the ground, in the school, and truly make a difference.

FALA Volunteer Corps would like to encourage you to spend some time at the school.  If you have a day each week you can spend even a few hours helping the Administration shuffle paperwork, run a few errands for the Staff, help a Student who is struggling in a class, or make a Teachers job just a little easier, it will go a long way to supporting the school.  And, you will be surprised how much you learn and see about the happenings of the school and your kids.

We aren’t asking you to dedicate all of your time to this…  This isn’t a big commitment.  Find an hour or two each week and signup to help!  You won’t regret it…!!!

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