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Tech & IT Program

Do you have Technical Skills that can Benefit the School?

Team Captain: Scott Boynton
(928) 607-5650 or sabx5@yahoo.com


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Being at the forefront of technology will help our students learn the skills they need for the future.  This is an ongoing issue that is nearly impossible for any school to keep on top of.  Things change so fast that it is inevitable that we will fall behind and/or will not be able to afford to keep up with it. It’s a challenging topic…!

We have created this committee to help the Administration know what is needed and provide support when necessary.  We have already been involved in helping get the Internet speeds faster and more available (to both Teachers and Students) on campus.  Our committee has met with everyone as decisions have been made about new computers, upgrading the Internet, and software options that will re-purpose how the school works.  Computer-graphics


This committee plans to provide:

  1. Technical Advise and Support.
  2. Man-power to help Organize Equipment and Update Software.
  3. Teach Tech Classes for both Students and Teachers.
  4. Help the Volunteer Corps with Tech Issues.

Help us build the School of the Future…!